This page will evolve. As we find resources that may be of use to you, we will add them here. Please check back.

Motion for Enlargement of Time this is a sample [only] of a form that you can use if you need a little more time to get organized in your foreclosure case. When you are served foreclosure papers, you have 20 calendar days to respond. You MUST respond in those 20 days or file a Motion for Enlargement of Time to get an extension. If the 20 days are up BEFORE our next workshop, you should use this form as a guide, complete your motion and file this with the Lee County Clerk of Courts. Then, get to our next workshop for more help!

PLEASE NOTE: the Lee County Foreclosure Task Force is not a law firm and does NOT provide Legal Advice. The Motion for Enlargement of Time is only a sample form and its presence on this site and its use by any person is not and should not be construed as Legal Advice in any manner.

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