Welcome to the Lee County, FL Foreclosure Task Force

21 Jan

Welcome to our information website and blog. Our mission here is to help homeowners remain in their homes, reduce foreclosures, advocate for fair and equitable treatment of our citizens and aggregate resources for the good of our community and its citizens.

At this time the best way to communicate with the task force is through the contact page on this site. Additional information can be obtained by calling the United Way of Lee County 211 Help Line by dialing 211 from any landline phone or by calling them directly at (239) 433-3900.

The Task Force is made up of attorneys, area employers, non-profit organizations, state organizations and other community leaders.

We have 3 Foreclosure Workshops Monthly. One in Spanish on the First Friday of each month; one on the Second Saturday of each month and on the Third Thursday of each month. The Saturday and Thursday days will alternate between Cape Coral and the Ft. Myers locations.

CLICK HERE  to jump to our dedicated page for Workshop locations, dates, times and other details.

If you want to volunteer to help, have a question/need or want to send a suggestion, please email our Committee Co-Chairpersons, Lane Houk, at lhouk@herocare.org or Shannon Houk, Esq. at shouk@dellutrilawgroup.com

Thank you!


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